Who Are We?

HAILEY BARTHOLOMEW can lay claim to the titles of photographer, author, director, social commentator and artist. The owner and creative director of her own business, she has clients that span the globe as a photographer and as a director. She has published two books so far in her career, and directed television commercials and visual presentations for major national brands and charities. 
But within this eclectic, and brilliant appetite for creative realisation, Hailey's favored passion is documentary filmmaking. Hailey has a beautiful visual style and sensitivity with her subjects, perfect for allowing a story to evolve and flourish on film and in photographs.


LAUREL DAVIS is a creative director, producer and writer. Over 16 years, in Brisbane, Sydney, London, she has developed award-winning creative campaigns for huge global brands, beloved local labels and everything in between.
Laurel has expanded her work to incorporate film production, most recently writing and co-producing a documentary for a luxury retail brand, with former Vogue editor Kirstie Clements. A dedicated mentor to young creatives, Laurel brings a potent combination of passion, creativity and experience.


JAMES GREVILLE is a writer and producer. He is former VP and head of creative for all Turner Networks in Europe, Creative Director of MTV Australia and Head of Cartoon Network in the UK where he was Executive Producer of Cartoon Networks original programming Bravo, Bravo, Toon FM and Skatooney.
In 2002 James and partner Tori Garret established Two Little Indians, soon becoming one of the top commercial production companies in Australia. Representing seven directors and photographers, Two Little Indians is now actively transitioning into long form, with James producing documentaries for Hailey Bartholomew and Tori directing drama for Foxtel, TEN and the ABC.