What is I Can Do This?

The core message of I Can Do This! is to inspire young Australians to be creative, ambitious and fearless in the pursuit of their ideal career. It aims to take kids who show promise and reward their passion for what they do with a supercharged start to their career, while providing them - and our audience- with a realistic knowledge of what it takes to succeed. The show with source applicants from all over Australia, and take them on a 'money-cant-buy' inside look at their ideal career - courtesy of amazing mentors and work experience.

Each episode will follow a different young Australian between the ages of 13-16 who is passionate about a certain career path and ALREADY slowly working towards that. With submissions to our call for applications message, we will select the kids who have already been proactive towards their career goals, and those we consider will make the most of this opportunity. We will favour stories that best demonstrate our goals - selecting kids where possible with huge geographical and socio-economic barriers to their ambition, providing that the entrant shows genuine promise in their field.

We will then find professionals who are successful in this career to interview, mentor and give advice, and where possible involve our applicants in fabulous work experience opportunities. Our mentors will cover topics like how they got to where they are and the mistakes they made and the things they learned. Each one of them feeding back into our core message: "Be proactive, be brave, believe in yourself". Each applicant will spend time with a number of mentors to broaden the experience; to possible show academic and industry pathways; to lessen the demands of shooting on our mentors; and to ensure an abundance of material for each episode.

As our series develops, we will try to utilise as many of our previous participants as possible - so ideally we may end up with our fabulous kids taking roles in later episodes. If our final episode for example is a fashion designer hopeful, we would enlist our previous photographer, make up artist and presenter in the production of that episode.